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You Have 001 Goblins

INTRO: Fight, fuck and finagle your way from runt to warlord, mayor to king, in this Massively MultiUser Computer RolePlaying Comic from Unitask! Scour deserts for witchdoctors’ charms; burgle graves and holy sites; assault dwarves, guards, and especially both at once! But can you gather a big enough horde before the champions of civilization assault you back? To be king, you must gather many goblins. To start, You Have 001 Goblins.

HOW TO PLAY: You Have 001 Goblins is a choose-your-own-adventure comic “played” by its readers. Sequential “screen shots” of this “game” are generated from the user suggestions shown at top, followed by state-of-the-art computer graphic illustrations. Users have suggested goblin adventures comprising over 2000 original “screen-shots” already, beginning in 2015.

You can use the Information Superhighway to track the horde’s progress! Try appending the following directories to your Uniform Resource Locator:

[/archive]  Adventure so far
[/roster]   Surviving goblins
[/inventory]   Held things
[/magic]   Known spells
[/maps]   Familiar locations
[/quests]   Horde to-do list
[/religion]   Goblin beliefs
[/prizes]   Extra goodies
[/contact]   Electronic “mail”